Short Stories

Short Stories:

Fire Boy – a tragical short story about Jeremy Scott, a thirteen-year-old, bed-wetting pyromaniac with a grim home life and an awkward social life. What can become of such a sad creature? He has no friends. He likes a girl but he can’t seem to do anything right. He acts impulsively. He’s dangerous. One man, the father or the girl he likes, tries to reach out to him but is quickly disappointed in him. One could easily predict what kind of man he will grow up to be, but will he ever get the chance? (5,470 words)

Project Spiralbound – A poor college student trying to make some easy money gets trapped in a bizarre experiment. How will he get out of it? Can he? (8,710 words)

Petunia and Lord Alfred – Petunia is a young schizophrenic patient at Lakeview Insane Asylum. Al, a janitor never noticed her until Nurse Kathy nudges him into socializing with her. Little does he know he will get pulled into Petunia’s bizarre metaphysical world. She claims to be a prophetess, filling one notebook after another with frantic, blue ink scribbles. She has her very own religion. Al becomes infatuated with this eccentric girl. Intrigued by her strange cosmology, he becomes a neophyte initiate. His experience with Petunia turns out to be dizzying, intoxicating… and tragic. (4,750 words)

A Stranger at the Monastery – A strange, old woman appears at a secluded monastery in Wyoming with a message for the man in charge, Bishop Kallistos Stavros. This self-professed oracle tells him that God told her to warn him of a great fireball falling from the sky… onto his monastery! She warns of Satan coming in disguise. Things are not as they seem. Her appearance puts the monks on edge. Nico, a young initiate, does everything in his power to expose this old woman as someone not to be trusted, that she should not be there. But is it too late to do anything about it? (3,880 words)

Free Short Stories:

Birds – Lori muses about birds, her birds, as her nagging psychiatrist, Dr. Mack, pushes for further explanation. He seems to enjoy pushing her buttons, or maybe she’s just imagining it. Her answers don’t please him. She tries to hide her true, dark thoughts from him by distracting him with talk of birds. (1,060 words) [click here to read it here on my site as a blog post]