Short Screenplays

Here are my short screenplays, short meaning up to 30 pages. Included are the titles, genre(s), status, logline, pages and any other relevant information.

Postcards From Sheridan (Classic Supernatural Horror/Drama) — COMPLETED

When two friends become bored in a recently inherited family mansion, they notice a clingy third wheel from their college years has suddenly stopped sending his fortnightly postcards, so they decide to invite him over. They plan to pick on him for laughs, but they’re in for a rude awakening. [17 pages]

(Genre: Classic-styled Supernatural Drama, with elements of dark comedy and horror — but no blood and gore / Cast: 3 men in their early 20s/ single location possible)

Unanimous (Comedy) — COMPLETED

A dancer with BIG dreams of getting the lead in a ballet production tries out for the part. A retired ballerina uses her status and larger-than-life persona to sway the other two, understandably horrified, judges. [5 pages]

(Genre: Irreverent Comedy/ Single Location/ Cast: 1 female 30s, 1 middle-aged White female, 1 Black male mid-40s, 1 overweight female mid-20s)

Medium Rare (Comedy) — COMPLETED

​An overly enthusiastic man in the waiting audience of a mediumship show pretends to be the much anticipated medium. He plays a guessing game as he performs a reading for a woman in the front row, wowing the gullible audience. The real medium finally walks in and is confused by the strange man impersonating him. [6 pages]

(Genre: Farce Comedy / Single Location/ Cast: 1 male late-30s, 1 male early-60s, 1 female 50 + audience w/ no lines)