Here’s a listing of loglines for all of my screenplays. If you’re interested in reading my screenplays and you use Inktip, please search my name (T. K. Jones) on there and download the script through the site! For short screenplays, please go to this page.

Killer Without Cause (Psychological Thriller, Revenge, Drama) — COMPLETED

in the vein of Fritz Lang’s M and Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia

While visiting his mother and dying brother in Brooklyn, a writer kills a stranger, completely unprovoked. He thinks he can get away with this senseless crime but there was a witness lurking in the shadows who wants revenge!

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Knees and Toes (Psychological Thriller, Revenge, Drama) — 1st Draft Complete

in the vein of Carrie and Red Dragon

An awkward taxidermist, tormented by memories of a humiliating incident in middle school seeks revenge on her main tormentor. When the former bully goes missing and body parts start showing up in the most bizarre displays around Memphis, a detectives struggles to conclusively connect the dots and make sense of the motive behind this heinous crime.

Fire by the Lake (Drama) — IN-PROGRESS

A growing group of jealous writers accuses a bestselling author of being successful merely due to her drop dead gorgeous looks. As the rabid group grows in number, the author desperate to prove this isn’t the case, sets herself on fire… only it seems they were right.