Amazon Studios – Still No Word After Nixing 45-day Option

So, I uploaded MAX THE KNIFE (my feature length screenplay) to Amazon Studios (AS) on November 2nd. There used to be a 45 day option, meaning the option for my screenplay ends December 16th. On November 19th, Amazon Studios did away with the 45-day option and I got an email from them stating the following:

Dear Terri,

You’re receiving this notification because we have expanded our open-door submission policy and you have submitted work to Amazon Studios for your project, Max the Knife, within the last 45 days.

Amazon will no longer require an unpaid 45-day option for you to submit your work and will instead review your work with no strings attached. If we’re interested, we will reach out to you directly with a paid option that meets or exceeds any applicable guild minimums. As a result of this change in policy, Amazon is releasing any unpaid option currently in effect on work you’ve submitted for Max the Knife. You can continue to track where your work is in our evaluation process by visiting your project page. We are continuing to evaluate any material that is not yet marked “Complete.” You’ll receive a notification either way when our evaluation is complete.

Thank you again for the opportunity to consider your work, and we hope to see you at Amazon Studios again soon.


Amazon Studios Cast and Crew

The DAY I received this email, my project status went straight to COMPLETE. I have not heard a word from AS. If they wanted it, I’m sure they would’ve e-mailed me right away. So I’m guessing I will have to wait until December 16th (day after tomorrow) to hear from them. But then again, if you look through the AS Forums, it seems some people aren’t hearing from AS even when the original option end date comes and goes.

Also, I’ve noted that some have commented on how their projects go from COMPLETE to DECIDING or some other status. I guess they still have some glitches to work out. Oh well. Hopefully, they’ll work out the kinks soon. If there are any updates, I’ll post about it here.


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