My Screenplay MAX THE KNIFE is complete!

I just finished writing my screenplay “Max the Knife.” It’s a psychological thriller set mostly in contemporary New York (Brooklyn: Brighton Beach and Bensonhurst) in the vein of Fritz Lang’s M and Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia.  (Total: 88 pages)

Some history: I wrote the first draft of the screenplay in my college Screenwriting course. This was in 2007/08. Wow, 7-8 years ago! And only recently did I decide to pull it off the shelf and make something of it. I marked up my copy from college to the point where every page was covered in red ink! I added some scenes. I feel like I added more depth to the story and characters. I even changed the title!

Reading the first draft I’m surprised I got an A on it. I remember my professor commented that my story was the hardest to write in class. I enjoyed writing it. I’ll set the screenplay aside for a few days and do one last read (just to proofread.) Then, I plan on posting it onto Inktip. I may also make use of Virtual Pitchfest.

So, now what? Well, I have about five screenplays queued up waiting to be written. And I’m really excited about them! I got these ideas while writing Max the Knife.


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