Part 1: Fibonacci Poetry

What is a “Fibonacci poem?” It’s a poem that has 6 lines and follows this certain pattern:

Line 1: 1 syllable
Line 2: 1 syllable
Line 3: 2 syllables
Line 4: 3 syllables
Line 5: 5 syllables
Line 6: 8 syllables

Here are three Fibonacci poems I’ve written:

“With Age — Understanding”

I will
why things are this way
and why things didn’t turn out right.

“Lord Bacon: concealed poet”

a Fraud.
Sir Francis Bacon,
He is the poet and playwright.

“It’s One or the Other”

No Gray
In between
There is no middle
No maybe. No uncertainty.

Why don’t you give it a go? It’s pretty easy… and addicting. I’ve written a bunch of these and will be posing them in installments!


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